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Move beyond Flash & Batt - Flash & FOILTM !

Cut Cost, Build Green

Fi-Foil's new Flash & FOILTM Insulation System combines two technologies - spray foam insulation and Fi-Foil's VR Plus Shield® Reflective Insulation - to cost-effectively seal wall cavities to reduce air infiltration and provide the desired thermal resistance for homes and buildings.


VR Plus Shield® Reflective Insulation adds a minimum R-7 to the remaining cavity!

  • High System R-Value
  • No Fibers
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to install
  • Vapor Retarder Option
  • Class A Flammability Rating
  • Meets Code Compliance - ICC ES Report #2133a
  • Green - Earn LEED and NAHB credits!

For Builders and General Contractors:

Fi-Foil's Flash & FOIL Insulation System is a cost-effective solution that efficiently improves the comfort, quality and sustainability of all your projects.


For Spray Foam and Insulation Contractors:

Because Fi-Foil's VR Plus Shield® is less expensive than fiberglass batt - and as a reflective insulation, offers higher R-values - you can afford to sell more foam with Fi-Foil's Flash & FOIL™ Insulation System! And our reflective Insulation can easily be included in your installation truck.


For Spray Foam Manufacturers:

By promoting Fi-Foil's new Flash & FOIL™ Insulation System - in conjunction with YOUR spray foam product - you can capitalize on this new hybrid insulation solution, Flash & Foil™ is a cost-effective hybrid insulation solution that will open up new market opportunities that were previously cost-prohibitive.


For Modular Home Manufacturers:

The Flash & FOIL™ Insulation System fits perfectly into the Systems Built Housing Industry. With an R-19 in a 2"x4" stud wall, you can reduce wood usage by 37% versus a 2"x6", save money and increase living space while earning LEED and NAHB credits. Factor in the smaller inventory footprint, the increased efficiency and the added safety benefits, and you'll see how Flash & FOIL™ fits your future.


To learn more about Fi-Foil's Flash & FOILTM System, call 1-800-448-3401


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